SigmaPlot and other graphing packages

Jim Gore jag at
Sun Aug 6 22:17:25 EST 1995

Andy.Law at (Andy Law (Big Nose)) wrote:
>I will soon have to evaluate a number of graphing
>and drawing packages on Macs and PCs (and possibly OSF1 and Sun Solaris).
>What do you use and is it any good?

We've used SigmaPlot for DOS and/or Windows for years.  It's very good, but VERY 
user-UNfriendly.  Being a lab tech, I've had to teach many grad students to use the 
package, a less than pleasant task.  I recently downloaded a demo of GraphPad Prism 
by the GraphPad company and was extremely impressed.  We've ordered the full version 
and plan on using it in place of all the programs we've used to date (SigmaPlot, 
Excel, QuattroPro).  No, I'm not associated with the company in any capacity, I just 
think the program beats the hell out of anything else we've tried.  It's simple to 
use, simple to learn, and very flexible.  Just my two cents worth.

Jim Gore

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