<Survey> Sale of Softare on WWW

Phil philm at cc.usu.edu
Mon Aug 7 12:21:07 EST 1995

This survey is for companies that sell softwarre via a website.
Thank you for your assistance!

PhilM at cc.usu.edu
Utah State University
July 28, 1995

Dear Webmaster:

The following survey is part of a study on selling software on the World Wide
Web.  The data from this study will allow you to make better business decisions
on the upkeep of your web site.

Please respond as completely and accurately as possible.  A summary of the
results will be sent to you if you if you complete the survey.

Thank you for your time and effort.

Sincerely yours,

Phil McElfresh
Graduate Student
Business Information Systems

All of the following questions should be answered about your web site.  Answer
with as current data as you have available.  All information will be kept in
strict confidence.

Does your Web page sell commercial software?
[ ] Yes
[ ] No

What types of transactions does your web page support?  Type an X by all that

[ ] Credit Card
[ ] Money Order/Check    
[ ] Electrical Payment 
[   ] What is the average number of software orders per week?

[   ] What is the average value of gross software sales per week?

[   ] On average, how many times is your web site accessed per week?

[   ] Including any setup fees, what do your average weekly web access fees 
      come to?

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