WebCutter: On-line Restriction Analysis

Maxwell Heiman BR 1997 maxwell at morpheus.cis.yale.edu
Tue Aug 8 13:27:46 EST 1995

I'd like to invite everyone to try WebCutter, a WWW-based program to 
restriction-map DNA sequences, at:


I think you will find it a useful tool for generating restriction maps.  
Because it is a part of the WWW its enzyme database is kept 
automatically up-to-date, it can be accessed from any internetted 
terminal, and it puts at your disposal the extensive sequence libraries 
available on the web.

Webcutter can performs full analyses, single out those enzymes 
with unique sites, or list those that cut any specific number of times.  The 
database can be limited to any set of enzymes you choose, or to those with 
sites of a given length, or it can be set to include all commercially 
available enzymes.

The analysis can be returned as a sequence print-out with sites marked, 
as a table of sites sorted alphabetically by enzyme, or as a table 
ordered sequentially by position of site.

I think you will find WebCutter a versatile and convenient tool.  Please
use it with caution, though: It has only been tested in moderation, and 
may still be a little buggy.  However, email to me any bugs you discover, 
and they will be IMMEDIATELY repaired (and I'll give you credit for your 
help, too!)

Let me know what you think.  Enjoy!


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