source code for 'xnu' filter

Herve Recipon recipon at NCBI.NLM.NIH.GOV
Thu Aug 10 15:01:57 EST 1995

On 10 Aug 1995, Bob DuBose wrote:

> I'm looking for the source code (if available) for the "xnu" BLAST
> filter.  I've looked around on several of the likely places (ncbi,
> EMBL, IUBio), but unless I'm really overlooking something haven't found
> it.
> If the source is available, I'd appreciate a pointer to an ftp site or
> e-mail address.


The source code for the seg and xnu programs are available for public use in
the NCBI ftp site (anonymous ftp to in the pub/seg and
pub/jmc/xnu directories. 


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