RNA folding software, free energies and enthalpies

Michael Zuker zuker at ibc.wustl.edu
Fri Aug 11 14:35:30 EST 1995

My RNA folding software that computes optimal and suboptimal RNA
secondary structures based on energy minimization is available on the
net (version 2.2).

1. Anonymous ftp:   snark.wustl.edu   (pub directory)
   README file describes contents of pub directory.

2. Both the folding software and directions for using it can be
obtained on the WWW (World Wide Web) at http://ibc.wustl.edu/~zuker.
I recommend using 'Netscape 1.1' or higher. 
Click on 'Software: Personal FTP Archives' for access to software and
on 'An mfold manual. RNA folding by energy minimization.' for an
updated HTML version of:

| M. Zuker
| Prediction of RNA Secondary Structure by Energy Minimization.  
| In Computer Analysis of Sequence Data A.M. Griffin and Griffin eds.
| Methods in Molecular Biology, Humana Press Inc., 267-294 (1994)

The original article is available as PostScript files in the mfold/doc
directory after software installation.

3. Free energy tables at 37 degrees are in the mfold/doc directory
(.dat files) as are the enthalpies (.dh files). The 'newtemp' program
will create free energy tables for folding at any temperature,
assuming constant enthalpies. 

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