SCOP mirror site in China

Lin Dawei ldw at pchindig
Sun Aug 13 10:58:43 EST 1995

Dear Netters,
 Now the SCOP database has aother mirror site in China. This work is done by 
Ph.D Student Dawei LIN at Institute of Physical Chemistry, Peking University, 
P.R.China. The SCOP database is a structural classification database of  
proteins. A more detail introduction is availble at 
 The China mirror site URL is

 The home page of Institute of Physical Chemistry(IPC), Peking Unviversity
 is at URL

 The home server's URL is
 Mang thanks to Steven E. Brenner at MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology 
and Centre for Protein Engineering,Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 2QH, England. 
He gave many help for setting up the mirror site.
 Welcome to access our Web server!
 Best regards for all,

 Dawei LIN                          Ph.D student of
 Institute of Physical Chemistry    Chemistry Department
 Peking University                  ldw at
 Beijing 100871                     Telephone   86-10-2501490
 P.R.China                          Fax         86-10-2501725

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