Environmental effects evaluation software

richard richard at farl.demon.co.uk
Mon Aug 14 05:21:58 EST 1995

e3 Environmental Effects Evaluation Software.

e3 is a program which is used by companies as part of 
their environmental management programmes.  
It takes the user through all the stages of an environmental 
effects evaluation as specified by BS7750 and ISO 9000.

The price for this program is GBP595 (+vat in GB).

e3 runs in Windows and has full on-line help facilities.

Also introducing 

Special Offer of Software to Educational Establishments

e3 can also be easily used to by students to gain insight 
into environmental decision making and the use of software 
in environmental management.We are offering this program 
to educational users for the greatly reduced price of GBP 100. 

For further details contact us at the following address:

Compuserve:  100607,2711
Internet : richard at farl.demon.co.uk

Fawley Aquatic Research Laboratories Ltd
SO45 1TW

PHONE 01703 893513
FAX: 01703 243274

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