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Tue Aug 15 10:57:55 EST 1995

shawn_Dering at wrote:
>To: All Netters

>    I was wondering if anyone knew where to find BMP files.   I'm looking for 
>some nice and new BMP files for Windows 3.1. If anyone could point me in
>the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.  Being that I'm new to the 
>net, I'm not very swift on getting the this big web.  Thanks in advance!!!

>Shawn_Dering at

Most graphics files available on the net are usually stored in GIF or 
JPEG/JPG format because both formats incorporate data compression making 
them easier to store and transmit.  The way to get these files into BMP 
(bit mapped) format is to use a graphics conversion/viewer/editor. On the 
shareware side of things LView Pro is highly recommended.

The SIMTEL/OaklandU archive is a good place to find both Lview and graphics 

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