Dave Watson watson at madvax
Wed Aug 16 19:14:48 EST 1995

Mr DJ Beechs (ch0s4005 at liverpool.ac.uk) wrote:
: > Please help!

: I am currently studying for a PhD, looking into anatomical
: defects in the lungs
: and kidneys of cot death (SIDS) victims.

: I want to 3 dimensionally reconstruct the terminal duct complex of SIDS and 
: non-SIDS infants, using microscopy and histology.

: If anyone has any information could they please contact me.

I market a program, derma-c, which will do what you ask.  If you send
me a series of crossections, expressed as bitmaps, I will reconstruct
the solid object that they represent as approximated by a set of
triangular facets, as a demonstration.

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