Preparation of papers figures entirely electronically: help wanted.

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Fri Aug 18 08:58:56 EST 1995

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> Preparation of papers figures entirely electronically: help wanted.
> We have all that is required to prepare entirely electronically figures 
> for papers: a high-end UMax scanner (up to 2400dpi resolution) connected 
> to Photoshop 3.0 (with UMax Magic Scan scanner software), Power Macs 
> with Canvas 3.5 . This is connected to a really high quality very 
> expensive photographic printer from Fuji. The only problem is that 
> somewhere in the chain some settings must be incompatible as, although 
> the scans do look very nice, after they are imported in Canvas (from 
> Photoshop) they look less nice, and once the final figures are printed 
> the grayscale is lost.
> Anybody knows how to adjust the various settings so that it works??
Why are you throwing Canvas into the mix? Our set up is somewhat lower
quality--I tend to use PhotoCD images with Photoshop and then out to an 8K
line slide printer--but, assuming your printer isn't Postscript, I'd want
my final image to be coming out of Photoshop. What I do is do postscript
work in Illustrator and then place the Illustrator material into
Photoshop. Photoshop rasterizes the Illustrator material well enough that
text has absolutely no jagged edges when projected onto a large screen. 

Tom Chappell
MRC Lab for Molecular Cell Biology
University College London

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