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     High Tech Appraisals is a company designed to help the
new and
existing business in many areas.  We have a 35 man team of
design engineers, scientists,
CEO's and business professionals to assist you in the
evaluation of  your business.  We
evaluate product design, functionality, cost of manufacture,
product liability, profit potent,
management strategy, and all other functions of a new or
existing business.  Then we
supply suggestions and corrections to solve any existing or
potential problems.  The results
of this evaluation are always kept strictly confidential .
Signing a non-disclosure is no
problem.  Your business is your business, we are just here
to help you.  We work quickly
and efficiently with no undo exposure of the client.
      As well as evaluating design we have a team of
engineers that can design any
product needed for your business.  If you have a great idea
but do not know how to
build it, we can design and build it for you!
     High Tech Appraisals also has a team of software and
coding specialists.  We can
evaluate or write difficult code for computer programs to
see if it is workable and de-bug code that is causing
problems.  We can custom write software for any application!
     High Tech Appraisals also appraises various businesses
for the potential investor.
We appraise difficult to understand business (I.E.: high
tech, robotics, etc..) that the average
client may not understand.  We do not evaluate stock! We
evaluate design, profitability,
product liability, and all other phases of the business.  We
can tell you if a proposed product
can be built.  We can tell you the approximate manufacturing
cost.  We can tell you about
liability considerations.  These are areas that require a
high amount of expertise and design
knowledge, which we have at our disposal.  We have evaluated
several fortune 500 companies
as well as small and start up businesses.
     We also have built up an extensive network of venture
capital and private sources to help
the start up business in procuring funding.  We have sources
that are able to help
in every phase of operations, from start-up to take over.
     High Tech Appraisals has over 30 years of  product
design experience as well
as extensive start-up experience.  We hold 2 patents
critical to the robotics industry and
know how the entire process works.  Our fees are very
reasonable and their is never a
charge for the initial consultation.  We can be contacted
through E-Mail (preferred) or
at (520)571-9545 or fax (520)290-1458.

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