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Laura Walsh (lwalsh at wrote:
: I am actually looking for hardware:  I need the (inexpensive) 
: glasses that cant be worn to look at stereo images.  I do not

Sorry I can't provide you with the reference, but a letter in _Science_
some years ago described a method that works, for about $3:

Go buy a cheap set of toy binoculars at a toy store or discount place.
Snap, saw or pull off any eyepieces or 'focusing' mechanism which would
normally go next to the face.  Then, simply look through them backwards
at the image you want to see in stereo.

This method divides the image entering the two eyes sufficiently that
you can fuse the two into a stereo image.

For a little more money ($15 or so, I think) you can buy an official
set of stereo glasses from microscopy suppliers such as Ted Pella, Inc.

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