Kinetics in MS-Excel?

Frank R. Gorga gorga at
Thu Aug 24 10:33:25 EST 1995

You do not need a specialized macro to fit data to non-linear 
models (including the Michaelis-Menten equation). Excel includes a 
"Solver" function that allows the probelm to be easliy solved. 

The solver function allows one to minimize the value in a single cell (in 
this case, the sum of squares) by adjusting the values in other cells (in 
this case, Km and Vmax, the parameters of the model). 

A paper describing the general method was recently published by Walsh and 
Diamond in Talanta (vol 42, pp 561-572, 1995). I have been working a 
manuscript describing the application of Excel's Solver function to 
biochemical data specifically. However, I am unsure about proceeding in 
light of the Walsh & Diamond paper.

I hope that this helps...

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