How do I get pure text?

Lance Corey lance at
Thu Aug 24 11:06:58 EST 1995

To have a text only file, it would preclude the use of formatting
information such as page breaks and character formatting.  I suspect
that the problem is not the word processor saving the file as text
only, but the mail program that you are using.  To confirm this, try
opening the text file in TeachText.  If there are any unwanted control
characters, they should show.

meir at (Eli Meir) wrote:

>I have gotten a few complaints about my Biology Education Software FAQ
>from people who say that the format I use is unreadable.  It has lots
>of control characters in it and the text is all mushed up.  I get this
>problem too when I try to read it on a unix machine.  I am writing the
>FAQ on a Macintosh in MS Word.  I save it as Text Only (I've also tried
>Text w/ line breaks).  Does anyone out there know how I would get a
>pure text file saved, without any extra garbage, in such a way that the
>file could be read on any machine (having tabs and paragraph breaks
>would be nice, though).

>Thanks a lot in advance.

>Eli Meir
>Dept of Zoology, Univ of Washington
>meir at

	Lance Corey
	Dept. Pharmacology & Therapeutics
	University of British Columbia

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