Any Mac packages comparable to GCG?

Tae Bum Shin tshin at
Fri Aug 25 16:50:41 EST 1995

Hi there;
	Our research group has been using GCG-Unix for the past few 
years, and personally I have _no_ complaints about its features or 
power.  However, some of my more faint-hearted colleagues complain about 
the UNIX interface and have inquired about the possibility of a Macintosh 
package which would replace GCG.  My question to you is this: are there 
any Mac genetic software packages that are comparable in their feature 
sets to GCG?  On the other hand, do any of these Mac packages offer 
_unique_ features not found in GCG?   Thanks for you input, and if there 
enough answers I'll post a summary later.

T.B. Shin
tshin at

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