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Rob Steele resteele at
Fri Aug 25 19:30:00 EST 1995

I just received the information below from John Livesey, who has produced
the currently available Word for Mac versions of the NIH grant template
files.  He is working on a version of the new PHS398 form.

Thanks for your interest in our grant template files.  Here's a status 
report on how & where you may be able to obtain revised versions of these 

I received (along with every other NIH grantee in the country) a copy of 
the PHS398 form (5/95 revision) in mid July.  After completing our Spring 
semester here and a week's vacation, I'll be starting work on re-creating 
these files.  I will be starting over from scratch, since the files 
created for Mac-Word 3.0 are not the best starting place for a new 
version for Word 6.0 or later.  I hope to have a Mac version by the end 
of August.  

Versions for Windows will follow thereafter.  The American Association of 
Colleges of Pharmacy has very generously offerred to support this 
effort.  They will be providing me with the funds to buy hardware and 
software to create and test MS-Windows versions of these files.  I hope 
to have Word & Excel for Windows versions by Oct 1 and WordPerfect for 
Windows versions soon thereafter.

According to the NIH Guide for Grants & Contracts, (July 28, 1995): 
    "The revised (5/95) PHS 398 grant application form is now 
     available, and should be used for receipt dates beginning 
     September 1,1995, and must be used for the receipt date of 
     January 1, 1996, and thereafter." 
Thus, applications submitted for the October 1, 1995 application date MAY
still use the old form, but the NIH would prefer the new form be used; 
the new forms MUST be used after Jan 1, 1996.

Availability:  As the files are released, they will be available for 
downloading from several sites on Internet.  The previous versions (Mac 
v2.3; W4W v1.31; WP4W v1.1) are available from FTP.ITS.MCW.EDU in the 
directory /pub/grant-files.  New versions will also be posted to and may be available from other sites also.  Due to 
the high time burden, I will no longer be making disk copies for 
individuals, so don't send me a disk in the mail.  AACP may be offering 
this service to their members.  If you're reading this message online, 
you have the capability to download the files; Email me for complete 
instructions on how to accomplish this task or talk with the computer 
networking or MIS support people for your organization.

Dr. John Livesey

Physiol & Pharmacol, Sch Pharmacy, Univ of Pacific, Stockton, CA 95211
jlivesey at      /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\    75540,3454 (CIS)
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