New Webcutter: Better restriction mapping, online

Maxwell Heiman BR 1997 maxwell at
Mon Aug 28 12:57:49 EST 1995

I would like to invite everyone to try the newest version of WebCutter, a 
free on-line DNA restriction mapping program.  It is available at

In response to users' suggestions, the following improvements have been 
made to take more complete advantage of the WWW's resources:
	* You can now query NCBI's GenBank directly
	  from WebCutter's home page

	* WebCutter will input the resultant sequence
	  automatically, without any cut-and-pasting

	* The enzyme database is automatically updated
	  monthly from NEB's on-line database, "rebase"

Please let me know what you think of WebCutter, and what else you would 
like to see in it.  

Also please inform me of any bugs you find.  There are some known 
troubles with very long sequences:  they take a long time to analyze, and 
some versions of Netscape hit an Internal Error when trying to submit them.

It is your interest in it that drives WebCutter's improvement.  Let me
know what you think!  Email me at maxwell at


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