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Dorothy Lowry lowry at russell.ucsf.edu.ucsf.edu
Fri Aug 25 18:32:10 EST 1995


We have a clone.  We suspect that it codes for something
because it is derived from mRNA (a cDNA clone, naturally).
We made a blast search against the nr database of DNA, and
also against the nr database of proteins and didn't come 
up with ANYTHING except a couple of EST's about which
nothing is known yet.

We translated it in all 4 reading frames and scanned it
against prosite - no motifs found.  In any of the 6.

We used codonpreference in GCG to plot the codon preference.
It isn't REALLY strong, but it isn't too bad for the ORF
we suspect to code for the protein.

Does anyone have any suggestions about where to go from 

Thanks in advance,
Chie Sakanaka

PS.  Please respond to chies at itsa.ucsf.edu (this is someone
else's account and I cannot read e-mail here!).
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