slides with colored amino acids?

Dorin-Bogdan Borza dborza at
Mon Aug 28 21:14:47 EST 1995

> Fine, I sure am interested in the VB program, too, although
> I (yet) only have VBA available.
> Maybe you link it into your html page or send it via EMail.
> Am I allowed to put it on my server then  for public access ?

I put the compiled program on my web page, although there is
no direct link to it. You can access it by setting the URL to:
It requires VB300.DLL and CMDIALOG.VBX; I did not upload these
DLLs since they are standard for almost all VB programs and are
much larger then the program itself. I assume you have these already.
If not, let me know and I'll make them available (they could be freely

Although there is no help, the program should be straightforward
to use: just type in your sequence or paste it from the clipboard (any
non-amino acid characters, such as digits, spaces, punctuation marks
will be automatically striped off). Then, you set your colors and
press "Pretty View". You may copy the resulting picture to the
clipboard, but, unfortunatelly, you don't have many more options :-(

As I said, I use it mostly to visualize a bias in the amino acid
sequence of the proteins, such as local clustering of residues. If you
find it usefull, feel free to share it. You you have any trobles
getting it to work, let me know.

Dorin-Bogdan Borza              PhD Student Biochemistry-Molecular Biology
dborza at                    University of Missouri Kansas City

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