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Don Gilbert gilbertd at
Thu Aug 31 07:50:01 EST 1995

You can try SeqPup.  It may be of help to you, and it is free.
Version 0.4j of SeqPup has just been released (though I've yet
to update the documentation). 

Features include
  multiple sequence alignment editor
  single sequence editor
  read and write several sequence file formats
  easy hand alignment features including colored bases and sliding
  automatic multiple sequence alignment thru ClustalW app
  automatic gel fragment alignment to contigs thru CAP app
  consensus, reverse, complement, degap operations
  restriction maps
  pretty prints of alignments with shading, boxes, etc.
  translate dna to/from protein using various codon tables
  find strings and ORFs
  internet sequence analysis services by email
  user-definable links to external analysis programs

NOTICE:  This release is still unfinish, and has bugs. Please careful of
trusting important work to it.  Yet it may be useful to some of you as

You can obtain this release thru anonymous ftp, gopher or http to, in folder /molbio/seqpup.  Versions are available
for Macintosh, MS Windows, and these Unix/XWindows systems: Sun, SGI, DEC.
The Internet locators to this software are

Source code for this software (DCLAP) is at

In article <4240ul$odb at>, Jeney Csaba <jencsa at> wrote:
>I am looking for a general molecular biology sofware, which can map,
>find restriction site and perhaps can make constructs graphically. I have seen
>a proper one for Mac called GeneConstructionKit, but I do not know that such
>a program available for Windows 3.1 or later or not. I prefer shareware or freeware
>Thanks in advance

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