Win and Mac Templates for NIH grant forms?

Bob Belas Belas at
Thu Aug 31 15:36:56 EST 1995

Hi All,

	A few years ago, a very nice man by the name of John Livesey 
wrote a set of (MS Word and Excel) templates for the standard NIH grant 
forms, PHS398.  Those templates were great, but since 1993 NIH has 
changed the forms a bit.  I've been trying to locate an updated source of 
the revised templates (preferably for Windows, but I would like Mac 
versions as well).  If you know of a site containing the revised forms, 
please send email.  Incidentally, the old site,, 
does not have the files any longer (or if they do, they aren't where they 
used to be.)  Any help would be appreciated by me.



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