Windows equivalent of NIH Image

Fri Dec 1 22:35:08 EST 1995

Tim Cutts (timc at wrote:
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: Andy Phillips  <andy.phillips at> wrote:
: >Sorry about the previous posting - I hit the wrong button.
: >
: >I'm looking for software to analyze digital images of Northern blots, SDS gels etc. I realize 
: >that NIH Image is ideal for my requirements, but unfortunately we have PCs here, not Macs. Does 
: >anyone know of an equivalent to Image that runs under Windows? It need not be freeware, but I 
: >don't want to spend thousands of pounds.
: >
: >Andy

: NIH Image will run on the Macintosh emulator 'Executor'  this is a
: very inexpensive and surprisingly fast Mac emulator which is available
: in three flavours; for DOS, for Linux and for NextSTEP.  It has a
: newsgroup dedicated to it in the comp.emulators.* hierarchy.

: My feeble old 486DX-33 emulates a Mac considerably faster than my Mac
: Classic.

Just went through to the ARDI web site at to be delighted to 
find that you can download a fully working demo (limited to 10 minutes 
sessions) fror free. Can't wait to try this mac emulator out. The file is 
around 3 megs, so beware..

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