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Bill Pearson wrp at avery.med.Virginia.EDU
Thu Dec 7 10:35:42 EST 1995

Here is a possible patch for MacX1.2 that may fix its problems
with PCI Power-Mac's.

 > 1. A patch for MacX 1.2 which solves the problem I had on a 7500 under
 > 7.5.2. I've applied the patch. Brilliant, problem solved.
 > >"ross (w.r.) brown" <ross at bnr.ca> said:
 > >Apple has acknowledged to us that MacX 1.2 does not work on the 7200 and
 > >7500 (and possibly the other PCI models).  The reason, we discovered
 > >through our own testing, is that the new ROMs implement a new trap ($A09F)
 > >which just happens to have the same index in the OS trap table that
 > >_UnimplTrap has in the Toolbox trap table.  This activates a dormant bug
 > >in MacX 1.2's initialization logic, causing it to think that the _PMgrOp
 > >trap is implemented when it actually isn't.  MacX thinks it's running on a
 > >PowerBook, calls the bad trap, and crashes.
 > >
 > >To fix the bug, here's an easy patch you can do with ResEdit:  In MacX
 > >1.2's 'CODE'(4) resource, offset $21F0, change "MOVEQ #00,D0" ($7000) to
 > >"MOVEQ #01,D0" ($7001).
 > >
 > >Having got past that problem, I find that MacX 1.2 works well on a
 > 7500.

I have not tried it.

Bill Pearson
wrp at virginia.EDU
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