Compiling Molscript under Linux

Dave Love at
Thu Dec 21 05:45:42 EST 1995

>>>>> In article <4a6sf9$41m at>, vjongene at (Victor Jongeneel) writes:

 Victor> (i) the EQUIVALENCE statement is not recognized by g77,

g77 certainly supports standard uses of EQUIVALENCE.  If it has a bug
in this case that isn't already recorded we'd like to know about it to
be able to fix it (fortran at or via me).  I've seen
several posts implying a g77 bug but have no evidence one exists -- I
don;t have access to this version of the code.

 Victor> It seems that in some versions of Linux (not 1.2.13, which I
 Victor> use), the exit procedure also has some problems, which could
 Victor> be potentially more serious (no clean program abort on
 Victor> erroneous input).

That's hard to understand unless you're using the posted code.  It's
wrong; please don't propagate it.  It doesn't obey the f2c calling or
i/o library conventions.  The calling conventions are described in the
document in the f2c distribution.  Use the current libf2c anyway.

 Victor> They can also be, more elegantly, turned into dummy 
 Victor> subroutines that generate fixed values.

This seems the obvious solution for uncalled routines.

If anyone actually needs etime for f2c I can post it.

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