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Fri Dec 29 18:47:35 EST 1995

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>Michele Clamp (michele at wrote:
>> Does anyone have or know the whereabouts of an SG version of GDE?
>> I've been trying to access for a few days now but can
>> only manage a 'Connection refused' reply.
>> We're running IRIX5.3 and would prefer version 2.2.
>From the GCG "Transcript" (GCG newsletter) I learned that the next version
>of GCG will include GDE. Announced for fall 96, if I remember correctly.

Yes, I too am looking forward to the inclusion of gde within the GCG
package.  It is what I was hoping WPI to be.  But to get back to original
posting, it appears that you can reach the ftp site via
ftp.  The following is from the Gilbert Lab - Bioinformatics page

  "GDE can still be found on our FTP site ( (Note: 
   FTP access is currently unavailable; please use the URL instead)."  

Other sites are suggested there and the Megagopher/megasun/MegaSequencing
site <> mentioned earlier by Don Gilbert
is among them but alas it doesn't appear to have the SGI binaries.
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