convert word 6.0 format to postscript format

Tim Cutts tjrc1 at
Tue Feb 28 05:42:20 EST 1995

Andy.Law at (Andy Law (Big Nose)) writes:

>In article <1995Feb24.122649.4684 at>, cs_wcyaa at
>(Wong Chung Yin) wrote:

>  > Hello everybody,
>  >         I want to print word6 format in unix(just print). Is there any
>convertor which can convery word 6.0 format to postscript file. And how to
>get this convertor
>  > .

>If you are using Word6 on a Mac, you can specify that the output from a
>print go to a postscript file, instead of the printer. That file can then
>be printed on the UNIX box. Can't help if you are using it on a
>Windows/Dos box though, but I imagine that there must be some similar
>capability, mustn't there?

You do exactly the same thing under Windows.


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