Coiled-coil prediction

Andrei Lupas lupas at
Mon Jan 9 10:47:19 EST 1995

The Vax/VMS version of COILS 2.1 is available by anonymous ftp
from the VMS/COILS folder of the server FTP.BIOCHEM.MPG.DE. The
program is in Vax Pascal and the folder contains source code,
executable and documentation.

I have a c++ version of the code that can be compiled on UNIX 
machines as well as a compiled version that runs on PC/DOS. Both
are available by sending an e-mail request to LUPAS at VMS.BIOCHEM.
MPG.DE and will appear on the FTP.BIOCHEM.MPG.DE server within
the next week.

There is a Mac version of COILS 1.1 that was written by Alex Knight
(knight at and that he distributes by e-mail. 

- Andrei Lupas
  lupas at

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