How to handle Multiple Alignment Formats, etc, etc, etc...

Don Gilbert gilbertd at
Fri Jan 20 15:04:40 EST 1995

Readseq software can interconvert between most or all of the formats you
mention (it doesn't have anything labeld ESEE or MEGA -- perhaps these
programs use one of the other standard formats).  Readseq is build into 
seqapp (mac) & seqpup (mac/mswin/xwin), but there are also stand-alone
versions that work on Mac & MSDos computers.

Find it at

In article <D2pJ98.IA4 at> fuellen at writes:
>The main problem is keeping track of DNA Alignments of various sequences in
>various Alignment output formats. He deals with formats used by Clustal(PIR),
>PAUP(Nexus), ESEE, MEGA, Phylip, and Genbank.

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