GIFF -> MRC Converter?

Victor Jongeneel vjongene at
Fri Jan 27 14:16:34 EST 1995

In article <3fpr5m$31t at> mcdermoj at (Jason E. McDermott) writes:
>We're trying to use an ancient program in a UNIX environment (Indigo
>4.0.5) to analyze some graphic data. The program chews on MRC format
>graphic files (some ancient manifestion of Fortran?) and we've got GIFF
>files. Anyone know of a conversion program that handles the MRC format?
> thanks,

If 'MRC' means the BioRad MRC600 confocal microscope format, Steve Lamont from 
UCSD (spl at ivem.UCSD.EDU) has written conversion utilities to just about any 
other bitmap format, which run in the SGI Irix x.x.x environment. You can 
contact him directly or get the (freeware) utilities from me.

Victor Jongeneel

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