Announcement: Enantioselectivity Calc/Displ Programs

Johannes Zuegg zuegg at fochsg01
Thu Jul 6 04:46:26 EST 1995


                                Selectivity 1.0

                              for Mac and Windows

     by: K. Faber, H. Hoenig and A. Kleewein; Copyright (C) December 1994.




This program can be used for the calculation of the selectivity - expressed as
the Enantiomeric Ratio E - of a kinetic resolution of enantiomers for
irreversible reactions. A short description how to operate it is included in
the main window. More detailed information on the theoretical background and of
the merits and limits of the method is described in the help-file. A detailed
paper on this topic will be published in Preparative Biotransformations , S. M.
Roberts (Ed.), Wiley, 1995.

The program may be freely given away but must not be sold.

As this program is still under development, any suggestions and comments for
improvements, corrections, desired additional features or hard- and software
incompatibilities are highly welcome. Please use the contact adress given



   *  Mac - Version 1.0

     The program runs under system 6.X or higher and any standard Macintosh
     configuration should be compatible. The program is available on our site:


     The program selectiv.hqx and the help-file selhelp.hqx (MS-Word document)
     can be obtained in BinHex-form by clicking on the name. There are no
     preferences to be installed. For the decoding we recommend any application
     from the Stuff/Unstuff-family.

   *  Windows - Version 1.0

     The program is written in VBasic 3.0 and runs with Windows 3.1 or 
     higher. The program is available as a self extracting file or as 
     compressed Zip file on our site:


     Please transfer the program selectiv.exe by clicking on the name and then
     start the program in a local directory on your site. The program will
     create the installation files. The must be uncompressed with
     pkunzip and includes the same files as the selfextracting file.

(!) In case you encounter a problem or when you need the program on disc or 
via email please contact the adress given below by phone, letter, fax or e-mail.



Kurt Faber (for Mac-Version)

     E-Mail:faber at

Helmut Hoenig (for Windows-Version)

     E-Mail:hoenig at

     Institute for Organic Chemistry at Technical University of Graz
     Stremayrgasse 16, A-8010 Graz, AUSTRIA
     Fax: ++43-316-811-057


Enjoy the program
Johannes Zuegg

 Institute for Organic Chemistry     Tel  :      +43 [0]316 873-8246
 University of Technology Graz                                  6387 
 Stremayrgasse 16                    Fax  :      +43 [0]316 815710
 A-8010 Graz (Austria)               EMail: Zuegg at

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