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ANNOUNCEMENT - Latest Versions of Visual Genetics/The Virtual Genetics Lab.

Leading Teaching software for introductory Genetics, Biochemistry, 
Molecular Biology courses 

	- now used by over 120 institutions in >15 countries
	- much acclaimed by students.

1. Version 2.0 of 'Visual Genetics' now has 68 long full screen animations (each a 10 - 20
 min lesson) on key classical and molecular genetics topics)

Typical animation-lessons include:- 

DNA Fingerprinting
Replication at the Replication fork
Holliday and other Molecular models of Recombination
Chromosomal inversions
DNA Repair
Lac operon
DNA  Sequencing.......and many more.

The program also includes 180 multiple choice and 72 problem-solving questions with 
EXPLAINED answers, diagrams to label etc. 

Requires Windows but all animations available separately for DOS only or MAC QuickTime 
computers. Animations available as complete, partial or custom sets.

2. Version 2.0 of The 'Virtual Genetics Lab' now ships with 2 options - the standard version 
for student self-directed learning of lab experiments in classical genetics, 
and a new 'Print Report' version which can be used for graded tutorials etc.

These programs simulate on screen the steps that would be taken to:-
1. Isolate and identify 3 fungal auxotrophic mutants
2. Classify 10 apparently identical auxotrophs for allelism - based on pathway analysis
3. Classify 10 apparently identical auxotrophs for allelism - based on    complementation 
test analysis
4. Map 3 auxotrophic mutations via random spore analysis
5. Map 3 auxotrophic mutations and a colour mutation via tetrad analysis
6. Map 3 auxotrophic mutations, a drug resistance mutation and a colour    
mutation via mitotic recombination.
7. Then combine mapping data into one map

Requires Windows.

DEMOS and Further enquiries

			DEMOS on the 'NET'

WWW access:

Gopher Access:
   -Information Centers
     -Biotechnology Information Center

Please read the text file that comes with these demos for full
information on installation, running, pricing etc.        

If problems with downloading or further info needed contact aday at 

Enquiries re ordering incl. low cost network rates, system requirements etc to 
Bio-Animate Productions, 28 Askin St London, Ont, Canada (519-432-5800)

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