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Gregory M. Acland <gma2 at CORNELL.EDU> wrote:
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> >NCBI's servers are all up.  The problem appears limited to some transatlantic
> >connections that travel by way of SPRINT, a commercial Internet provider.
> >We have been providing 'traceroute' information to our Internet provider
> >(SURANET) and they are working with SPRINT to isolate the problem.
> Since 6/29/95 approx 10pm I have not been able to get responses from the
> BLAST server.  Is this a separate problem, or another aspect of the
> "transatlantic" problem?  Are other users in US having the same problem? Is
> there an alternative way of accessing BLAST?

If your connections to the NCBI BLAST server are down, or the server is too 
busy, or you just want to try an alternative, you can send your jobs to (using the -s switch on your BLAST client), or by E-mail to 
blast at (same format as NCBI server), or using the WWW page

The databases are at least as up-to-date as those at NCBI, and the server 
performance is about equal.  Check the home page
for more information.

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