Opinions on Jandel's Peak Fit?

Roger/Jane Isaacson risaacson at ucsd.edu
Tue Jul 11 08:04:56 EST 1995

mh2s at watt.seas.Virginia.EDU (Mun-Wai Hon) wrote:


>	We are wondering whether or not to purchase Jandel's Peak Fit
>package.  While we have heard from some individuals, we would
>appreciate any other comments from people with experience with
>the package.

We have been using Peak Fit(DOS) for many years and prefer it to the
Origin Peakfit module.  In our opinion it is a classic in good user
friendly programs.  It does not, however, like to run on our 90MHz
Pentium without some tinkering with the BIOS settings or unloading
TSR's, network, etc.  Our main useage has been to fit Gaussian and
Lorentizian derivatives for magetic resonance expts.  The printing
output is slow for dot matrix printers but pretty fast to a DJ500.

Roger Isaacson

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