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Eli Meir meir at
Fri Jul 14 15:25:25 EST 1995

You might look at SymBioSys, a program written for medical students
which does heart, lung and circulatory system simulations.  Another
program which also does the same type of simulation is QCP (I haven't
looked at that one yet).  There are several programs available for
looking at resting potentials, action potentials, etc..  You can
download my Biology Education Software FAQ from   /pub/doc/   for more info on any of these
(though its not a complete list by any means yet).  You might also get
in touch with Vance Lemmon (vxl at who has a list of neurobio
software that's more extensive than mine.

Good luck,

Eli Meir
Dept of Zoology, Univ of Washington
meir at

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