ANNOUNCE: PDB Rendering Software

Andrew Martin martin at
Thu Jul 20 05:30:33 EST 1995

I've decided to make my PDB rendering software, QTree generally available.

QTree uses a quad-tree algorithm to perform the rendering and is pretty
portable (It certainly runs on any Unix workstation and on an Amiga and
I see no reason why it shouldn't work under VAX/VMS).

In brief:

QTree is a program for generating space-filling pictures of molecules
from PDB files. Output is in the simple 24bit MTV raytracer format which
may be displayed using the Unix ImageMagick package (a program for
generating a HAM image on an Amiga is included).

   QTree comes with preprocessors for generating worms style images showing
a B-spline smoothed image of the C-alpha trace and a ball and stick 
preprocessor. Worms, ball and stick and CPK representations may be

   Colouring is very flexible allowing colouring on zones, residue types,
atom types or temperature factor and slices (slabs) may be taken through
a molecule. There is an on-line help facility.

   You may obtain the program from the FTP site here at UCL
( or
via my WWW page where you can find out a bit more about the program.

   I'd appreciate EMail from anyone who uses it, just so I can
keep track of who they are.


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