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Thu Jul 20 10:45:41 EST 1995

ljhadzic at (Ljubomir Hadzic / XXX) wrote:
>I am looking for IMAGE ANALYSIS software (like SIGMASCAN, but better). 
>This should be able to analysing images (*.TIF) of SDS-PAGE gels, western
>blots from SDS-page gels, etc.
>I would appreciate any information on programs and sources...
>Ljubomir Hadzic (Ljubomir.Hadzic at
>Center for Marine Research
>Rovinj, Croatia
Hi Ljubomir!

I only know one program that fits this purpose, but IMHO, it's realye a good one. I've seen a 
demonstration a few days ago since I`m seraching for this kind of sowtware, too. And, as far as 
I know, it is even cheap in comparison to other products. The software is named ONE-Dscan. It 
is very high developed and runs under MS-Windows. After a gel (any desktop scanner applies) ist 
scanned you will have to tell the software where your gel is on the scan and how many tracks 
you have (in fact, a few mouseclics). After that you can choose between an interactive, 
context-sensitive leading through the menues or just use the pull down menues  and do your gel 
examination as you like. 
The Price is about 6000 Deutschmarks. (All other software I`ve seen yet is at least twice as 
much or even more). 

When calling MWG, please refer to my name! I'm still trying to get some bucks off the price.

The distributor`s address is

MWG Biotech GmbH
Anziger Straße 7
85560 Ebersberg (it's near Munich!)
Phone +49 - 8092 - 82 89 0
Fax   +49 - 8092 - 21 08 4
email oligo at

Hope this helps!

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Institute for Diabetes Reserch 
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80804 Munich
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