Article in "The Scientist" on freeware and shareware

Robert Finn finn at
Tue Jul 25 15:52:27 EST 1995

Some time back I posted to requesting information
on the best biology-related freeware and shareware for an article
I was writing for "The Scientist."

The article, entitled "Finding Full-Featured Free Software For
Biologists On The Internet" appeared in the July 24, 1995 issue
of "The Scientist" on page 14.  If you do not have access to the
printed version, "The Scientist" is also available online (access
information below).

As a science journalist, I have been using the Internet for
research purposes for some years now.  But never before have I
had such a voluminous, well-informed, and enthusiastic response
to a query.  My hat is off to the (literally) dozens of readers
of who took the time to compose detailed e-mail
messages.  Your thoughtful responses were instrumental in forming
my understanding of the interesting subject of scientific
freeware and shareware.

And I want to send a special thank you to my highly articulate
interview subjects: Pedro Coutinho, Don Gilbert, Harry Mangalam,
Eric Martz, and Francis Ouellette.

By the way, I've recently changed my e-mail address.  When I
posted my original query it was finn at, and now it is
finn at  If you have comments for me personally you
may send them to that address.  But if you wish to send a letter
to the editor of "The Scientist," don't send it to me, send it to
71764.2561 at

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