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Tue Jul 25 18:48:11 EST 1995

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>From what I've seen, there's really no way you should be going with a
>UNIX system for introductory biology courses.  Anyone who wants to
>write intro bio software is going to do it for macs or pc's, because
>they will sell 100 times as much in those markets (or have 100 times as
>many people using it if its free).  See my Biology Education Software
>FAQ above for a partial list of good bio education software.  Almost
>all the stuff in there is for macs and pc's, and I have yet to see any
>introductory level stuff on unix (though I'm sure there is some).
I would strongly recommend to keep the UNIX option open. Most serious
research level software is developed for UNIX platforms, which provides
a much more powerful environment than does Mac, DOS or Windows. Students 
should be trained on the kind of software that is used in a real research 
environment. If you have to make a compromise, select a upper level
pentium system, you get reasonably good performance and can use DOS/Windows
and UNIX applications interchangeably. Linux is a very stable UNIX 
platform for PC computers and enjoys the advantage of having many 
research applications ported to it.

my $0.02 worth.

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