Simple text editor for mac wanted.

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Mon Jun 5 13:44:41 EST 1995

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> (Dave Johnston) <daj at> writes:
> >Hi,
> >I am looking for a basic (freeware) text editor for the Mac with cut, copy, 
> >paste, find, exchange etc type functions but it must be (a) 100% 
> >reliable) and (b) capable of handling very big data files (too large for 
> >simpletext/teachtext). We have Word6 but would prefer something less 
> >lumbering. Any suggestions.

Another Vote for Alpha!!

Alpha - Pete Keleher. Now *$30* shareware (and cheap at twice the price).
Also comes with Power Mac native form.  A text editor based on Ousterhout's
tcl scripting language that comes with custom setups for just about any
kind of file (HTML, TeX, Perl, C/C++, Fortran, Pascal, tcl, you name it,
and is further almost infinitely customizable via tcl.  Huge number of
predefined keybindings, can define your own.  Also has keyboard
macros, many unixy tools (grep, diff, sort), can be used as the external
editor for MacPerl, Think C, Metrowerks, etc. Carried in many Mac
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