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Subject: Protein Structure-Activity Analyzing Software Available

PROANAL version 2.0

New software package PROANAL version 2 is freely available thru:
IuBio archive, EBI ftp and email server, NIG (Japan) ftp server.

How to get it:

1. From IuBio archive as
ftp://iubio.bio.indiana.edu/molbio/ibmpc/proanal2.exe (and proanal2.readme)

IUBio archive files are now all available by e-mail to users.
This is thru a network Gopher to Email gateway.  To start, send mail to

    gophermail at iubio.bio.indiana.edu

2. From EBI ftp and email server:

ftp.ebi.ac.uk /pub/software/dos/proanal$.exe

This is the self-extracting archive, so it should before
transferring, ftp should be set to binary transfer.

Or by sending an email message containing:
to netserv at ebi.ac.uk

Which will return the 6 files. Running UUDECODE you'll get
archive with the program.

3. From NIG (Japan) ftp server ftp.nig.ac.jp

 directory: /pub/dos/proanal
 file:      proanal$.exe
 URL:       gopher://gopher.nig.ac.jp:70/59/pub/dos/proanal/proanal$

PROANAL ver 2.0 description:

Enhanced version of the program PROANAL (CABIOS, 9, 491-497, 1993)


* investigation of relationships between structure and activity in a family of
  evolutionary related (or/and artificially mutated) proteins/peptides
  (searching relations between data on activity and various physico-
  chemical characteristics of different regions in primary structures);
* analysis of multiple protein alignments;
* studying protein structure-function relationships;
* comparative analysis of sequences;
* protein-engineering experiment planning.

PROANAL may be used to predict protein secondary structures,
functionally or structurally important regions, antigenic determinants
(B- and T-call epitopes), transmembrane regions.

Input data:

* aligned protein amino acid sequences with data of their activity
  (pK, Km, ED50 or any other, if available).

New options:

* converts alignments from CLUSTAL output files to PROANAL input files;
* plots individual and average profiles (10 different profiles, including
  alpha-helical and beta-strand moments) for entire protein family;
* searching physico-chemically variable and conservative regions (e.g.,
  regions with low dispersion of alpha-helical moments of hydrophobicity);
* searching sites with high and low physico-chemical properties;
* database of about 100 amino acid physico-chemical properties;
* examples, extensive manual and help system.

Requirements: DOS 3.30 or later, EGA/VGA video card, 500 KB RAM.

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