RAPD data analysis - software

johna at rsbs-central.anu.edu.au johna at rsbs-central.anu.edu.au
Tue Jun 6 21:08:52 EST 1995

                RAPDistance Package
A group at the Research School of Biological Sciences, Australian
National University, Canberra under the direction of Prof. Adrian Gibbs 
has developed a software package called RAPDistance for the analysis of 
RAPD data. It has a comprehensive range of options for creating data 
files, editing them and using application programs to analyse them. 
The third version has just been released on the Internet. The first 
version was made available in October 1994. It is intended to maintain 
and extend the package as resources allow.
The following files are available :-
1) README.DOC  Getting started.
2) INTRO.DOC   Brief details of scope of package and modifications.
3) RAPD103.EXE Self extracting archive file containing the package.

Accessed from the Internet via :-
1) Anonymous ftp ftp://life.anu.edu.au/pub/RAPDistance
or 2) WWW http://life.anu.edu.au/molecular/software/rapd.html

Please register with me if you use the package so that I can keep you
informed of new versions, bugs etc. Regards. John Armstrong

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