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In article <19950606235137.bloksber at>, bloksber at  (Leonard N. Bloksberg) writes:
|> I'm getting sick of waiting for some specialized applications to be written
|> for me, so I'm entertaining the idea of writing my own programs.  I am 
|> comfortable in DOS and UNIX, but I only have access to DOS and Windows 
|> machines right now.  I'm leaning toward a C language because I understand 
|> that programs can be compiled for UNIX, DOS, or MAC from the same code.
|> Is "Borland C++ 4.5 visual" a good language to dive into?  Can anyone recomend
|> something that will be both easy to pick up, and powerfull enough to bother 
|> spending time to learn?  Thanks.

Exactly what kind of custom program are you looking to write?
A little utility (like a customized pocket calculator), or 
a molecular dynamics program?  

How important is having a good (graphic) user interface?

How important is the PC/Mac/Unix portability?

For writing little utility programs, Tcl (for PC and Unix, but 
probably not Macs) is OK.  Visual Basic is *much* better, but only
runs on PCs (Windows or DOS).  

For writing really big programs, I advise you to talk to an 
expert.  Inexperienced people tend to do a poor job of the
initial organizing of a very large program.

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