mRNA/cDNA sequence sites?

Don Gilbert gilbertd at
Wed Jun 7 17:46:15 EST 1995

IUBio Archive provides keyword searches of Genbank, PIR and SwissProtein 
databases.  OWL is a non-redundant amalgam of these.  Though I can't 
offer you OWL searching, I can offer you output of your searches in a 
variety of formats, including:

The caveat to this is that this server uses 'readseq' to convert
to new formats, and this converter drops out the documentation
from sequence entries.  Your need might be served by choosing 
the biosequence/fasta format, which has no spaces, but has 50 bases 
per line.  If you want all the documentation, choose the default
or text/plain format.

You can find this data server thru www clients, at, look in folder Genbank-Sequences/
or by gopher+ to, in folder Genbank-Sequences/

P.S., you might also like to try the sequence retrieval service (SRS)
at this site:  Pick "SRS @ IUBio" from the main IUBio menu.

In article <3r4ous$76d at> don at (Don A. Walthers) writes:
>i'm trying to find a site that stores sequences without any spaces between
>a certain number of nucleotides. when i search the owl database at 
> and pick the appropriate match any sequences available have
>spaces inserted every 10 NT for easier reading. i'd like to use a text 
>editor to search for restriction sites and other various sequences
>but the spaces would interfere. thanks for any info
-- d.gilbert--biocomputing--indiana u--bloomington--gilbertd at

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