Anatomy graphics

Meagan Moore none
Wed Jun 7 18:19:50 EST 1995

In article <3r51gu$fmp at>, 
hcampbel at says...
>   I have downloaded what is termed raw graphic data from the Visible 
>Data Set at the National Library of Medicine.  It is located at the FTP
>site:   This material consists of digitized
>cross-sections of an actual human and CAT/MRI data as well.
>   I haven't the slightest idea how to view the material.  It isn't in 
>format that my viewing programs or other graphics manipulation programs
>can use, nor is it legible to a tutorial program I use. 
>I would like to incorporate this material into tutorial programs for an 
>anatomy course.  Any suggestions?
>Lee Campbell

I have downloaded several of those images myself.  In order to view them 
you first need to download the Visible Human Project description file.  
This will tell you the size and the format of the raw RBG images within 
the database.  Next you need to get a shareware copy of Paint Shop Pro 
(PSP) 3.0.  This program allows you to view .RAW files.  First you set up 
the format for the RAW file under PSP then just open the file of choice 
and watch the magic. These images are very large in the original format. 
I suggest that once you are able to view the image using PSP save it in a 
JPG format.  This loads a little slower but save big and the hard drive 
space.  Good Luck.


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