Looking for event recorders

Bill Struthers U60376 at uicvm.uic.edu
Thu Jun 8 12:06:49 EST 1995

I am currently working on a study in which I will need to record the onset
time, frequency and duration of up to 20 seperate behaviors for an indefinate
period.  Does anyone know if there is such a program available via ftp or
through a comercial dealer?  I could write it myself, but my programming is
old, I don't exactly have a lot of time and there is no sense in trying to
reinvent the wheel if something already exists.  Any information would be
sincerely appretiated.
I've looked all over the www and just can't find anything relevant.
Bill Struthers
Univ of Illinois at Chicago
Psychology Dept
billstru at uic.edu

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