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David S. Peterson dspete at
Thu Jun 8 10:40:04 EST 1995

In article <mangalam-0706951610290001 at> mangalam at (Harry Mangalam) writes:

>Hi All,
>   We are currently nearing the end of a test run with the DNASTAR
>Lasergene pkg, including versions for Mac, PowerMac and Windows, all
>licensed via a keyserver so that all the versions can be used across a
>TCP/IP network (and thus across our 3 campuses).

>   While the Mac and PowerMac versions work as expected (and quite
>nicely), the Windows version is giving us headaches (mostly a bewildering
>number of GPFs, and system lockups) and since we are having to deal with
>variables from both the network and the program itself, I would very much
>appreciate hearing from others who have used and especially ARE using the
>Windows version of Lasergene, standalone, on a Novell Network, on a
>Keyserver, etc.

>Feel free to mail me direct if you don't feel like sharing it with the
>net, but I'm sure others would be interested as well.

>Thanks very much for your time,

I've been using the Windows version of the DNASTAR package for a couple of 
months now, and in general am quite pleased. I have a standalone system (486. 
16 megs RAM) an so cannot comment on potential network or Keyserver problems. 
Most of the programs are reasonably stable, ie I can spend several days 
working with a GPF. The two programs that give me the most trouble are MapDraw 
and SeqMan, both of which occasionally GPF one me. Sometimes, but not always,  
the error occurs in one of the dll's for my graphics card drivers (ATI 
Graphics Expression). Other times though the error is in the DNASTAR dll's or 
executables. I have been very impressed with the tech support from DNASTAR. 
Several times I've reported little problems or bugs to them and have found 
that they are acted on quite quickly. I get the impression that they are quite 
committed to making the Windows version stable. 

David S. Peterson
Laboratory of Parasitic Diseases
National Institues of Health

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