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Hello netters

>Subject: Re: refman/endnotes/PROCITEIn article 
>From: tjrc1 at (Tim Cutts (Zoology))
>hlthways at (Jerome Smith) writes:

>>I think you need to get Biblio link as well however.  It seems to be
>>the best (only) way to transfer downloaded records (from CD or online
>>database services).   

>Wrong.  My Refs program can do it.  I think EndNote can as well, in
>conjunction with EndLink.  So far, Refs supports MedLine, Current
>Contents, Chemical Abstracts, ISI (BIDS), and I've just created a
>Biosys filter which is currently being tested.

And Reference Manager has Capture.

Refs 7.72 will not import DIALOG Medline output from CDROM. However, I have 
written a little QBASIC program that will handle convert DIALOG Medline to 
a format recognisable by Refs, if anyone wants the program (source code or 
compiled, I will send it to them (its FREEWARE). I'm sure Refs will handle 
this in the future. 

>>Total costs runs under $600...and they have a 30 day money back
>>guarantee.  I think the rep told me they just came out with a new
>>version too. 

>Bloody hell, these packages are a rip off.  EndNote is slightly better
>at $299 (but they haven't released a Windows version yet).

Reference Manager has a Special Edition, for a total of $310 (aussie dollars, 
no idea what that is in real money) you get everything, including the Capture 
module. It doesn't give you the 65000 item database, but you get unlimited 
numbers of 400 item databases. There is both a DOS and Windows version of 
RM-Special Edition. They don't advertise the Special edition widely though, 
you usually have to ask.

>Refs costs $47.99, less for multiple copies.  You can get a demo
>version from:


As a satisfied user of RefMan, I can heartilly recomend Refs :-}. I had to 
evaluate several packages for our internal Institute review, and for its 
price, Refs is a fast (on slow 386 machines) flexible package and very good. 
If I did not already own my own copy of RefMan I would be very seriously 
considering Refs.

dislcaimer: I have no connection with Tim Cutts and the Refs 
package, beyond suggesting some additions to the package. The above opinions 
are mine alone and not the official position of Prince Henry's Institute.

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