rasmol stereoviews?

Steven Brenner LMB brenner at mole.bio.cam.ac.uk
Sun Jun 11 02:42:51 EST 1995

"Dr. M. A. Cremonini" <mauro at nmrlab.ciam.unibo.it> writes:
>I am a RASMOL user. I find the program very useful but I am surprized 
>that the manual does not list the possibility of having stereoviews.
>Is there a hidden hot key for this?
>Thank you very much.

I overheard Roger Sayle, author of RasMol, tell another researcher
that the next version of RasMol will include side-by-side stereo.

And no, there is no offical date for the next release, to my knowledge.

One trick that I've seen some people do is just load up two rasmol
windows side-by-side and use the 'rotate y XX' commands to mimic the
same effect.

Hope this helps.


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