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>> Hi Software wizzes:
>> I am looking for software to help me quantify Northern blots and other
>> linear separations which could be captured using a B/W scanner.  I...
>I have used NIH Image on the Mac quite a bit for this type of analysis,
>and although its a little clumsy to use, it works fine.  Several versions
>are available commercially, but you can download it for free directly from
>the NIH ftp site.  There is no PC version that I know of so far, and I do
>not know about running on an emulator vs. a true Mac.  If you have any
>trouble locating the NIH ftp or file, e-mail me and I will send out the
>exact address.
>Good luck.
>Dan Johnson

Ardi's current version of Executor is 1.99h.  You can get the demo from  (, not!) under the directory /pub/ardi.
Or try it with which are the distributers of Executor.
They have a newslist especially for executor where you can subscribe:
majordomo at or you can contact them directly by email:
questions at
Executor is a demo version that only runs for about 10 minutes.The price for 
executor full version is 99 dollar. It is ok but it has some restriction
( no printer, you need a Mac formated disk in your floppy, no multitasking 
and so on). It works more or less stable. Executor support three different 
operating systems:  DOS, NeXTStep and Linux.
To run NIH-Image you can also use version 1.2 which is easier availible
on the net.The archie request name is: "exctr12" .

The version you can run with executor is NIH-Image 1.55 which you can find
on in the directory pub/nih-image/nih-image_spinoffs.
A mirror of nih-image in europe is in the directory 
pub/macintosh. It is no use to try NIH-Image version 1.57, it requires
mac system 7.x.

If you want further information don't hestitate to ask me.
I had had the same problems before.

Andreas Becker
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