ANNOUNCE: SimBioSys Clinics Software

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Mon Jun 12 15:46:33 EST 1995

Critical Concepts is proud to announce the release of its latest 
product, SimBioSys Clinics.  This physiology simulator is based
on the engine of our previous educational version, SimBioSys
Physiology Lab.  Clinics differs from the Lab version in that it
has a clinical "look and feel".  It comes loaded with cases
for clinical study -- these are unknown, critically ill patients
in need of diagnosis and treatment.  At the bedside, you have 
access to many of the standard tools of clinical practice, most 
importantly an ICU bedside monitor.  You can request lab 
measurements, you can place catheters in the radial artery, 
the pulmonary arter, and the left ventricle.  You can change
the ventilator settings, and give medications.

For more information on SimBioSys Clinics (and on the Lab versino), 
visit our Web page at

(Note the second "http")

Or send email to cci at

Adam Birnbaum
Critical Concepts, Incorporated
5240 S. Harper Avenue
Chicago, Illinois  60615

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